The indication matrix

About botiss biomaterials

botiss biomaterials is an innovative, clinically oriented Biotech company, head-quartered in Berlin and having developing and production sites in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. We are completely focused on biomaterials for dental bone and tissue regeneration. Today, we are the second largest provider of biomaterials for oral tissue regeneration in Europe with a growing global market share, having distribution partners in over 80 countries world-wide.

We all know, each patient is individual and the same applies to the clinical users. Consequently, the treatment plan and applied materials should be chosen with regard to the individual indication, defect configuration, the preferences of the patient, as well as the experience and skills of the surgeon. Hence, the many expectations made of the “ideal” bone graft or the “ideal” membrane cannot be met by one single product. This is the reason why botiss offers a broad portfolio of different biomaterials – the botiss regeneration system. It is the broad product portfolio and the permanent development of new innovative biomaterials that makes botiss’ regeneration system stand out. The clinical users may select his own individual portfolio based on different aspects, knowing that in case of need there are always other prominent alternatives within the system to rely on.

About the indication matrix

A broad product portfolio requires a complex system of continuing education. Besides our botiss academy, the indication matrix is part of this educational system. The indication matrix should support you in finding and creating your own treatment concept and choosing the products of our portfolio that offer you the most predictable results in a certain situation.

1. After entering our indication matrix you have seen the full menu of tiles on your screen. White tiles (green arrow) directly guide you to descriptions of treatment concepts, with product recommendations and clinical cases. Apart from that, you can directly click to a product tile (blue arrow) to get information on their special characteristics, indications and clinical application.

2. To get a recommendation for a specific clinical situation you will find a menu on the left hand side of your screen giving you the possibility to choose a clinical indication (Immediate implantation, Socket Management, Sinus lift, Ridge augmentation). For each indication you can further specify the clinical situation and with each decision by and by limiting the selection of treatment concepts and recommended products.

3. After making the last selection you will get one or more treatment option and by clicking on a concept you can get further information on the technique as well as recommended products.

Our recommendations of concepts and products are based on the Cologne Defect Classification (Cologne Classification of Alveolar Ridge Defects, CCARD), discussion with clinical experts as well as scientific data and clinical experience with our products. The recommendations are focused on concepts involving the application of biomaterials. The indication matrix should support you in finding and creating your own treatment concept and finding the products of our portfolio offering you the most predictable results in a certain situation. Nevertheless, the treatment plan always depends on many factors, above all the individual experience of the surgeon, the health status and regenerative potential of the patient and it’s compliance with the treatment plan. All product and concept recommendations on this website are non-binding guideline values.