botiss maxgraft® cortico

maxgraft® cortico

Allogenic cortical bone plate
maxgraft® cortico is a prefabricated plate made of processed allogenic bone. It is similar to the autogenous bone and can be used for the shell technique. maxgraft® cortico was developed to avoid the donor-site morbidity and to prevent the time-consuming harvesting and splitting of autologous cortico-cancellous bone blocks.
  • Vertical augmentation
  • Horizontal augmentation
  • Complexe three-dimensional augmentations
  • Single tooth gaps
  • Sinus floor elevation
  • Fenestration defects

Defect filling

To fascilitate osteosynthesis, allogenic particles (e.g. maxgraft®) can be used to fill the defect. The preserved human collagen provides excellent osteoconductivity and enables complete remodelling. Mixing with autologous chips or particulated PRF-matrizes can support the ossification.

Augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Preparation of a single tooth defect with severely resorbed vestibular wall

Three-dimensional augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - Dr. R. Würdinger

Model of the initial defect computed from a CBCT scan - buccal view

Three-dimensional augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - M.Sc. E. Kapogianni

Initial clinical situation – missing bonein regio 11, 12, 21, 22 and scarred soft tissue

Horizontal ridge augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - M.Sc. E. Kapogianni

OPG of the initial situation – provision of missing denture in regio 44 to 47 by a resin-retained bridge

  • Established augmentation technique with new material
  • Significant reduction of operation time
  • Standardized, unform thin plates
  • No donor-site morbidity
  • No limitation in availability for larger augmentative interventions





25x10x1 mm

1x cortical strut


cortico trimmer

maxgraft® cortico animation
maxgraft® cortico animation
Shell technique with maxgraft® cortico - live surgery by Dr. Jan Kielhorn
Shell technique with maxgraft® cortico - live surgery by Dr. Jan Kielhorn
Handling maxgraft® cortico
Handling maxgraft® cortico
maxgraft® cortico allogenic bone plate
maxgraft® cortico - allogenic bone plate

The proper size of the plate is estimated after the elevation of the mucosal flap or preoperatively using a digital planning software. Using a diamond disc, the plate is then cut extraorally. The plate is positioned within a certain distance by predrilling through the plate and local bone; fixation is performed with osteosynthesis screws to create a fixed compartment. To prevent the perforation of the soft tissue, the sharp edges have to be removed, e.g. by using a diamond ball. The space between local bone and cortical plate can be filled with a variety of different particulated bone grafting materials. Then, the augmentation area needs to be covered with a barrier membrane (Jason® membrane, collprotect® membrane) and a tension-free and saliva-proof closure must be applied.

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