maxgraft® bonebuilder - patient customized allogenic bone blocks

maxgraft® bonebuilder

Patient customized allogenic bone block
maxgraft® bonebuilder is a patient customized allogenic bone block for two-stage alveolar ridge augmentation. With maxgraft® bonebuilder, the harvesting of the autologous bone is no longer required for the treatment of extensive defects. Donor-site morbidity, operation time, and costs may be significantly reduced. Based on CT/CBCT scans of the patient, the bone block is virtually designed using the latest 3D-CAD/CAM technology. The design of the bone implant undergoes a final inspection by the clinical user and is, by individual order, released for production.
  • Extensive bone defects
  • Atrophic maxilla/mandibula
  • Horizontal/vertical augmentation


maxgraft® bonebuilder should be rehydrated by creating a vaccum in a disposable syringe filled with sterile saline solution, or if possible with the exudate obtained from preparing autologous platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) matrices. maxgraft® bonebuilder consists of a mineralized collagen matrix with a residual moisture content of <5%, rehydration may be useful especially for blocks of bigger and complex dimensions to enhance the adaptability of the material to the specific defect site.

Combination with cerabone® or maxresorb®

Additional void volume should be filled with particulate grafting material to improve the esthetic outcome and to protect the soft tissue.

Guided Bone Regeneration

maxgraft® bonebuilder should be covered by a resorbable barrier forming collagen membrane for GBR (guided bone regeneration)- e.g. Jason® membrane - to prevent ingrowth of soft tissue into the bone graft.


Depending on the defect size, the graft will be stably incorporated within approximately 6 months.

  • Customized allogenic bone block
  • Significantly reduced operation time




Individual planning and production of a bone transplant, max. dimensions 23 x 13 x 13 mm


Additional block(s) for the same patient


Individual 3D-printed model of the patient’s defect and the planned bonebuilder block (for demonstration purposes) made of plastic

maxgraft® bonebuilder animation
maxgraft® bonebuilder animation
maxgraft® bonebuilder in the mandible including incisions by Dr Dr O Blume
maxgraft® bonebuilder in the mandible including incisions by Dr Dr O Blume
Semi-pillar incisions according to Dr Dr O Blume - maxgraft® bonebuilder
Semi-pillar incisions according to Dr Dr O Blume - maxgraft® bonebuilder
maxgraft bonebuilder
maxgraft® bonebuilder - Patientenindividueller Knochenblock

The botiss biomaterials partner Cells+Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA) receives a *.stl milling file and the customized allogenic bone block is produced under clean room conditions. maxgraft® bonebuilder may be  applied directly onto the defect. After placement, the maxgraft® bonebuilder block is fixed with osteosynthesis screws. Any residual defect volume should be filled with bone substitute material and the augmentation site covered with a barrier membrane for guided bone regeneration. The individual design provides a precision fit between local bone and the allogenic bone block, enabling rapid revascularization and fast graft incorporation.

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